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Sep 2, 2006

Salven (S720-Mega) Tq-ed and won the 2006 German National, making it the 4th consequtive win for Serpent in the 1/10 scale German Nationals over the past years.

Ralf Krause (S720-Mega)who was 2nd in qualifying, kept his excellent pace in the final with a well deserved 2nd place.

Mirko Morgerstern placed the 3rd Serpent 720 in the final, but some misfortune prevented a hig position.

KH Meister and Stark almost made it into the final too, bits bits of blad luck or small errors did not make it happen.

Salven showed his experience in the final when it started raining in the 45 minute final. Most drivers came in quickly for a tyre change but Salven stayed out as long as possible on normal tyres and when it dried again stayed out on the wets as long a possible too, no need for extra pits-stops and creating a 10 lap lead in the end !! Also without this Salven was the fastest driver of the lot.

Some other high level racers entered for the -scale- class like Tony Reinhart and Robert Pietsch, which shows that this class is still growing in polularity.

Salven TQ in all heats of the German Nats in Ettlingen in the southern part of Germany.

Team mate Ralf Krause (S720-Mega) from Berlin also showed great form and claimed the 2nd position.

Saarinen 3rd and Stammler 4th complete the direct qualifiers for the final on sunday.

More Serpent 720 racers in the top 12 include KHM Meister in 7th, Morgenstern in 8th, Stark in 11th and Levy (france) in 16th spot.

Great weather conditions create a superb event.

This German nationals is decided based on points collected in the regional heats plus the points collected at this German nats final. These last points have a larger influence on the final positions.

Salven also TQ-ed the 2006 Europeans 2 weeks ago, and still show great form.
On monday he will be leaving to take parts in the 1/10 Worlds in Brisbane Australia, so this is good last test in a great race.

The 2006 German nats see a mix of purely 1/10 racers and drivers that also race in another class, being 1/8 onroad or 1/10 electric. Really interesting how these variations in type of experience will show on the track.

Weather forecast for sunday shows a nice and sunny day for the finals with temperature reaching 26 celcius max.


Pictures are EC 1/10 ones, but will be replaced with new mages soonest.

Team Serpent / Mega