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Mark Green TQ's and Win at RD 6 of the BRCA 1/8th Championship

Round 6 of the BRCA 1/8th Circuit Nationals was held at Mendip RC Raceway this weekend. 32 drivers were in attendance in nitro and 7 had booked in electric. The track was nicely prepared and sprayed to ensure grip would be good and consistent. The track was still dusty for practice on Saturday morning but the grip quickly came up under the Somerset sun. It was all about getting good lines and watching tyre wear, which would prove to be a bit of an issue on race day. Sunday started as usual with the drivers’ briefing, during which a minute silence was observed in memory of Dave Waters, former BRCA Chairman, who recently passed away.

Practice started at 9h15 to get ready for round 1 at 10am. David Spashett set the pace with a 19 in 301, and 19 laps seemed to be needed to make it in the A. It also looked like a few drivers were struggling to make the five minutes on fuel, so that would be another thing to watch. In electric Craig Nutting was the first one to manage 19 laps and seemed to be the man to beat.

There was no major pace improvement in round 2 and 3 but Mark Green managed 20 laps. Tim Wood was also on the pace for 20 laps but could only do 19 in 298 in round 3. After round 4 FTD went to Mark Green (Serpent) with 20 in 315, followed by Tim Wood (Shepherd) with 19 in 298. David Spashett (ARC) was 3rd with 19 in 301. The other 7 drivers for the A were Neal King 19L in 302, Andrew Hastings 19L in 306, Richard Hicklin 19L in 307, Sam Snell 19L in 307, Karl Dransfield 19L in 308, James Connolly 19L in 308 and Jason Frost 19L in 308. In electric Craig Nutting was FTD, followed by Luke Drinan and Neil Wallace.

July 17, 2019

Dominic Greiner report European Championship 1:8 in Montbonnet.

European Championship 1:8 in Montbonnet.

Back at home after one week of intense 1:8 racing in France, Montbonnet for the European championship.

After 2 great results in the first two rounds of the ens with a victory and second place I travelled high motivated to France. The weather forecast says brilliant weather for that week with temperatures over 30 degrees every day.

We had three days of free practise and we tested a lot with the 988 and my O.S Speed engines. From the first rollout on this track it seems to be that the chicane would be the challenging part of the track. It was far away and you couldn´t see the entry, the middle and the exit.

July 09, 2019

Product news

Serpent Viper 988e is now available!

The Serpent Viper 988E is our brand new state of the art 1/8th scale electric racing car. It brings together all our experience in Nitro 1/8th and 1/10th Electric Touring. The Viper 988E features the race proven 988 geometry and bulletproof drivetrain of the 988 Nitro car, with the weight distribution, flex options and belt drive layout of the 4X touring car. Also features flexible battery configurations allowing 4S or 6S battery configurations.

The 988e will be ready to ship in the next weeks.

May 27, 2019

Serpent SRX8 GT is now available!!

The SRX8-GT is an all-new 1/8 scale Nitro powered On-road racing car introduced for the GT class. The SRX8-GT shares many high performance parts from the successful SRX8 platform. In addition to the details carried over from the SRX8 platform, we have introduced many new, design concepts to push the SRX8-GT well into the future as well as set its self apart from all competition.

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April 02, 2019


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