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Marco Weigerding joins Serpent Factory Team!

This is what Marco wanted to say:

I‘m so happy and thankful to join the serpent racing team. It’s an honor to join this team of rc history. I’m very motivated to work together and I’ll do my best for great results!
Thanks for this big opportunity, see you soon on the track

Team Serpent

November 13, 2023

Andrea Catanzani reports Italian Nats Rd2 in Leno

We arrived at the track on Friday afternoon due to some problems during the journey. As soon as we got on the track we immediately found an excellent feeling with the car. After the checks on Saturday we were in fifth position, just before qualifying we changed the front springs from blue serpent to 8.0 smj, the car became faster and we managed to gain third place after qualifying.

September 12, 2023

Mark Green reports BRCA round 5 at teh Halifax track

Hi Racers,

This is my 1st run with the new 990E , build was really great everything just screws together . I built the car , fit all electric’s and set off to Halifax one of the best tracks in the UK for 8th racing , the weather for the weekend was not looking good at all but for a change it turned out much better.
On Saturday I was able to do 5 runs and the car was working great , I made a bit off a mess with the speedo settings but Paul Bellinger came and sorted that out, thanks Paul, there was a few more 990E at this race and they was also super fast with James Connolly and Michael Walton . At this meeting it was really great to see some many 8th entry with over 50 so Saturday was very busy and the whole meeting had a good vibe with lots of fun in the pits. The rain did arrive but it did not dampen things as most got some good running.

August 30, 2023

Product news

Serpent Medius X20 '21 is ready to ship!

An evolution of the original X20 Medius!
Learning from the X20 we have improved some handling characteristics to make the car
more nimble and improve corner speed, stiffening of the chassis in critical areas to change
the flex points along with tweaking the roll centre has led to the all improved speed.
A Refresh on the already smooth drivetrain gives us more acceleration and nicer torque
delivery with the all new ball raced driveshaft system.
Innovative New Steering hubs allow a multitude of setup combinations including an industry
first axle offset option.
The new X20’21 is lighter, faster and more adjustable.

October 09, 2020

Serpent Natrix 750 EVO is coming soon!

The Serpent 750 Evo Natrix is the evolution of the ultra-successful 750. To improve the car we left no stone unturned and tried our ultimate best to make an even better car

Shipping from the factory on the 14th of September

September 11, 2020

Serpent 804450 Oneway diff fr S7XX is now available!

The drag assisted one-way for the Serpent 750 is a very nice option.
Replacing the normal front diff, it enables you to still brake and turn in like a diff but the exit drive and change of direction on-throttle is much better.
It is important though to adjust the oil viscosity according to the available grip level.
With lower grip level you should go to thicker oil to get more front braking power.

August 05, 2020
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