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Dominic Greiner wins the European title 1/10 with his S750

The 2019 EFRA 1/10th Nitro European Championships were held last week at the Mini Car Club Türkheim e.V. track in the south of Germany. Qualifying would see complete domination from Serpent driver Dominic Greiner, the former World Champion taking all rounds of qualifying at what is his home track to secure the pole position for the 45 minute main final.
And in the final he took off and never looked back and won the final with 2 laps ahead of second place.

Congratulations to Dominic and Thomas.

Next week there will be a full story from
Dominic on the Serpent website.

His winning setup can be found here:

Team Serpent

August 19, 2019

Pontus Larsson reports middle swedish cup rd4 in Eskilstuna

Long summer break over and it was time for the middle swedish cup rd4 in Eskilstuna. Super fun track and just an awesome facility!

Manage to take TQ after taking round 2 & 3 with a good margin.

Time for semi and it was an awful and first stint for me, last after first lap and misstake after misstake. But after refuiling I got used to the bumpy track and flied to the finish line in first place.

Final was very diffrent, starting 3rd after my bad time in semi. Jessica Pålsson from 1st, Race Elias Johansson from 2nd and me in 3rd. We pulled away from the field and had a long fight in the top. When the first refuiling came I flipped out and dropped down massively. But my concentration returned halfway through but couldn't close the gap when the tires ran out at the end (front tires were litterly like slicks after the final)

August 05, 2019

Product news

Serpent Taipan 988e Pancar is shipping now!

This new platform offers the lightweight and simplicity that racers have come to love about this class. In addition, we bring an innovative two belt direct drive design that will allow everyone from drag racers to road course aficionados to find the proper gearing and motor to fit their needs. It features perfect weight balance and flexible battery configurations to please customers of all types. The lightweight design makes it very efficient, ensuring that your ESC, motor and battery stay cool and provide optimum performance.

August 01, 2019

Serpent SRX8 PRO is shipping now!

Our new 1/8 buggy racing platform is now ready. Based on our innovative and fast 1/8 SRX8 EVO chassis, the SRX8 PRO brings our 1/8 buggy to a higher level with more traction, easier to drive and better lap times!
Key features:
- New Large Volume Differentials and oversized gears
- New Ball Bearing Raced Steering Rack, Steering System
- New Inclined Caster Blocks and Steering Spindles - New Plus 15mm Super Tough Wing Mount
- New Mountable Chassis Weights (optional)

July 25, 2019
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