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Serpent Viper 989E is now available!

Serpent Viper 989E is now available!
The Serpent 989E Viper is the latest Electric version of the 989.
Electric racing has developed big time, the possible power is huge. Especially in the popular dragster class in the US the power going through the transmission is extreme. The 989E is designed to take care of that power and put it down as effective as possible.
The 989E is based on the ultra-successful 989 gas racer and shares it’s suspension, shocks and quite a lot of other features like the chassis plate or the driveshafts

January 09, 2021

Yukijiro Umino joins Serpent!!

Serpent welcomes top RC desinger/Manager Yukijiro Umino!!

This is what he would like to say:

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Joaquin and Mr. Lau for giving me this great opportunity for joining Team Serpent.

During the past three years I was away from the RC racing scene. However, my passion and motivation have never stopped. And now I have a new home to apply my passion to. At Serpent, I will continue to come up with innovative ideas and create cars that will standout and win championships.

In addition, I will be involved in more than just racing at Serpent. I will manage the Electric Onroad division and work to improve all aspects of our customer’s experience.

Yukijiro Umino

December 24, 2020

Product news

Serpent Medius X20 '21 is ready to ship!

An evolution of the original X20 Medius!
Learning from the X20 we have improved some handling characteristics to make the car
more nimble and improve corner speed, stiffening of the chassis in critical areas to change
the flex points along with tweaking the roll centre has led to the all improved speed.
A Refresh on the already smooth drivetrain gives us more acceleration and nicer torque
delivery with the all new ball raced driveshaft system.
Innovative New Steering hubs allow a multitude of setup combinations including an industry
first axle offset option.
The new X20’21 is lighter, faster and more adjustable.

October 09, 2020

Serpent Natrix 750 EVO is coming soon!

The Serpent 750 Evo Natrix is the evolution of the ultra-successful 750. To improve the car we left no stone unturned and tried our ultimate best to make an even better car

Shipping from the factory on the 14th of September

September 11, 2020

Serpent 804450 Oneway diff fr S7XX is now available!

The drag assisted one-way for the Serpent 750 is a very nice option.
Replacing the normal front diff, it enables you to still brake and turn in like a diff but the exit drive and change of direction on-throttle is much better.
It is important though to adjust the oil viscosity according to the available grip level.
With lower grip level you should go to thicker oil to get more front braking power.

August 05, 2020
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