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Mark Green double TQ and Win at RD 4 of the BRCA 1/10th Championship

Round 4 of the BRCA 10th IC series was at the Colchester raceway , the club members had worked very hard to prepare the track including spraying the track for better grip and have everything all clean and well laid out.
The weather was really nice and there was a lot of fun in the pitting area and everyone had a lot of track time to set their cars up.
I decided on Sunday morning that i would race both classes so it was going to be a very busy day but with the help of my pitman Chris and other drivers to help me with the marshalling i was able to get racing.
After 4 rounds off qualifying i was able to take TQ in both 200mm and 220mmGT.
The first final 30mins was 200mm TC and after a great battle with Joe Kerry for 20mins until he ran out off tyres while my car still had rubber to spare i was able to take the win.
The 220GT car was really working great and i was able to also take the win.
So a great weekend with 2x TQ and 2x Wins!

A big thank you to Chris and Serpent Uk and to the Colchester club.

Till next time
Mark Green
Team Serpent

June 24, 2019

David Ehrbar takes 3th place at the EFRA European Championship in Trencin

I qualified 3rd with a win and a 2nd place in qualifying. The first final started well. I had a clean race until about half of the race when I flipped over the curb at the timing loop. Fortunately, I came back on four wheels just at the edge of the asphalt and just in front of Jaques Libar, so I could keep my position but now I had a car derectly behind me. Because of a mistake by Jan Ratheisky, I could take the second spot. But two laps before the end I had a hit from behind, costing me the second spot.

In the he second final I had a bad first lap, but later I could close the gap to the leaders as they lost some time fighting. But I could not try a pass.

June 17, 2019

Product news

Serpent Viper 988e is coming soon!

The Serpent Viper 988E is our brand new state of the art 1/8th scale electric racing car. It brings together all our experience in Nitro 1/8th and 1/10th Electric Touring. The Viper 988E features the race proven 988 geometry and bulletproof drivetrain of the 988 Nitro car, with the weight distribution, flex options and belt drive layout of the 4X touring car. Also features flexible battery configurations allowing 4S or 6S battery configurations.

The 988e will be ready to ship in the next weeks.

May 27, 2019

Serpent SRX8 GT is coming soon!

The SRX8-GT is an all-new 1/8 scale Nitro powered On-road racing car introduced for the GT class. The SRX8-GT shares many high performance parts from the successful SRX8 platform. In addition to the details carried over from the SRX8 platform, we have introduced many new, design concepts to push the SRX8-GT well into the future as well as set its self apart from all competition.

Please also see our promo site:

April 02, 2019

Project 4X PRO is now available

The Serpent Project 4X PRO is a logical evolution over the 4X EVO. it shares all features of the 4x evo including the same easy to build and setup shock system and fixed-length pullrods, while the vertical topdeck is replaced by a horizontal topdeck for more aggressive steering on high grip surfaces and the rear suspension is heavily modified with much longer arms and a different geometry to create more steering and widen the setup window on medium to high grip asphalt. For maximum rear stability and steering precision which is needed in stock classes, there is a fixed-toe rear wheelcarrier included in the kit.

March 05, 2019


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