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Serpent SRX8T is shipping now!

Serpent SRX8 Truggy GP 1/8 4wd The wait is over……After over 8 years, Serpent has answered the call of the wild, and is proud to introduce the all new SRX8-T. Transforming the already successful SRX8 platform into a Truck was not just expected, but a necessity. With countless years of learning our original S811T platform, we embarked on a mission to create a vehicle that would raise the bar of expectation in the truggy category. Considering all key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry we feel this new truggy is poised for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing the truck was nothing short of exceptional, jumping was improved, traction improved, balance improved, durability improved, this is simply the best truggy we have ever produced. Without Further a due, let’s get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T

May 11, 2020

Alessio posted a setup video for his S750

My first video tutorial, “ how we setup our Serpent 750”. I hope this video can help you to restart stronger than before ! 💪🏻💪🏻

May 11, 2020

New Serpent distributor in Brazil!!

Serpent is proud to present the new Brazil distributor ImpactRC.
ImpactRC will have all cars and parts from Serpent available.

April 21, 2020

Product news

Serpent Medius X20FWD is shipping now!

X20FWD is the result of utilizing design of the X20 touring car.
The chassis is based on the popular mid motor design, using a light weight and strong 1-piece motor mount concept, without any interference between the front and rear chassis flex while still allowing center flex adjustability. The advantage for this style of design is to allow maximum flex capabilities without impacting the drivetrain, meaning smoother power delivery, more consistency and less chance of stripping spurs.

Coming Soon!!

April 14, 2020

Serpent SRX2 Gen3 Carpet Shipping now!!

The Srx-2 Gen3 has been completely re-designed from the ground up. The customers, racers, and fan favorite trolls have shared their glories, opinions, and pains about the previous SRX-2’s. We were open minded and willing to meet every expectation to push the boundaries of our product and the 1/10 2wd Market. The new SRX-2 needed to be slimmer, stylish, tougher, easier to work on, and above all else Faster. With over 85% of the parts being new, all the while, still being able to use most all previous SRX-2 parts, this car is an absolute masterpiece of construction. You can build it to any configuration you wish, new and/or old. Here at Serpent’s Secret R&D office, we are un-rivalled in our interest to win, and feel, this car will take you to more checkered flags than any previous SRX-2model we have ever made, Guaranteed.…!!!!!

The Spyder SRX2 Gen3 Carpet kit comes with the geardiff and front and rear antiroll bars to give it the best driving on carpet tacks. 

April 08, 2020

Cobra SRX8 GTe LWB is shipping now

This 1/8 EP LWB GT is designed specifically for the more realistic licenced bodies that look like full scale racing cars. LWB version of the GT uses the same proven suspension geometry and drivetrain, battery mounting position provides even better weight distribution allowing multiple lipo configurations whilst enhancing the handling performance. A carbon fibre central top deck is utilised for flex control and chassis stiffness. The NEW SRX8GTe LWB is available now.

December 30, 2019
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