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2015-01-23 aribbean Off Road Serie Jose Colon TQ and WIN
2015-01-22 Griffin Hanna wins with Spyder SRX-2 MM
2015-01-19 Win and TQ for Fischer in Round 2 of Touring Masters Series-Division West
2015-01-13 DHI Cup in Denmark: Report from Marc Fischer
2015-01-06 Marc Fischer continues his cooperation with Team Serpent
2015-01-06 Singapore: Daryl Emanuel Thong Wei wins GP10- title
2015-01-06 Win and TQ in Round 1 of F1 British Nationals for Mark Green
2015-01-05 Eden Park Raceway Winter Series: Serpent UK dominates
2014-12-30 RCAC 1/8 Onroad 4 Hours Endurance in Kuala Lumpur
2014-12-23 Dominic Greiners interview after the wc in thailand
2014-12-23 GM Touring Championship 2014: Fai Ho wins with ERYX3.0
2014-12-22 Malaysia: WTR Round 6 race report and 2014 end race report
2014-12-19 Nitro Cup in Kissimmee Report from Paolo Morganti
2014-12-17 Longwy Gp 2014: Fischer takes Podium with ERYX3.0
2014-12-15 Malaysia : Nick Chong is 1/8 National Champion 2014 with his Viper977
2014-12-15 S120 Podium for Wood at the UK Nationals
2014-12-08 ETS Hrotovice 1 Round: Ehrbar finished on the Podium in the Formel class
2014-12-08 ETS Round 1 Hrotovice: Fischer finished 8th position with his ERYX 3.0
2014-11-26 Race #3 of the WCIC series in Penticton: Podium for Garry Lanzer
2014-11-26 2014 Spektrum Offroad Shootout
2014-11-25 Paraguay National Championship 2014: Perfect Result for Serpent
2014-11-25 Las Vegas Race: Mike Truhe has 2nd and 3rd place on the Vegas race
2014-11-21 USA; Roar onroad nats, FL
2014-11-18 RCSkool in Istanbul goes Orange
2014-11-14 Open Challenge Praha Round 2

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