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2015-09-02 Spain: Duraes reports on Italian Job with Cobra 2.2
2015-09-01 Germany: Neumann reports on German 1/8 nats TQ and win
2015-09-01 USA: Sorwell wins Futaba Challenge
2015-09-01 Austria: Hupo is 2015 National Champ with Cobra E-Buggy 2.1
2015-09-01 USA: GLC gas onroad: Serpent Cobra GT drivers dominate !
2015-08-31 USA: GLC gasonroad; Desoto takes win with Viper 977
2015-08-31 Germany: Neumann TQ and wins German 1/8 nats, race 2
2015-08-31 CZ: Serpent Jiri Mara wins with Cobra GP buggy
2015-08-31 Spain: Duares 6th with Cobra GP in Italian Job race
2015-08-28 USA: Win for Hanna at the Wicked Weekend race
2015-08-28 NCT Series 5th round in Walla Walla: win for Serpent SRX2-SC
2015-08-25 Germany: Depta is Vice European Champion 2015 with Viper 977 EVO
2015-08-24 AOC Singapore: Daryl 2nd place with Eryx 411
2015-08-24 2nd and 3rd place for Serpent at the 1/10 EP Touring Championship
2015-08-24 USA: M-race buggy Gerard makes podium twice
2015-08-20 Indonesia: Bowie wins 3rd round with Eryx 3.0
2015-08-20 Sweden: 1/10 buggy Summer series
2015-08-19 England: Neumann Vice Euro Champ in 1/10 4wd buggy
2015-08-18 EC 1/8 Ettlingen-Germany: practice day 2
2015-08-18 Austria: Neumann on EC-podium with Cobra Be 2.1
2015-08-18 Germany: Fischer wins German TC nats 2015 with Eryx 3.0
2015-08-18 USA: Wicked weekend
2015-08-17 EC 1/8 in Ettlingen/Germany: Chassis focus Anthony Abisset
2015-08-17 Germany: Today started the European championship 2015 in 1/8 scale
2015-08-12 Information for all EC 1:8 drivers in Ettlingen/Germany

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