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> Chassis stiffener front short 4X (#401746)

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Product Type:
Electric Cars > 1/10 190mm
Suitable for:
Project 4X Touringcar EP 1/10
Project 4X EVO 1/10 EP

Chassis stiffener front short 4X

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Project 4X: Shorter chassis stiffener
For more torsional flex, a short stiffener is available which basically acts as a connecting point for the servo mount and the front topdeck stiffener. It can only be used in combination with a topdeck, either the new double vertical topdeck or the standard flat topdeck. It also saves a considerable amount of weight. The short stiffener is of course compatible with the new topdeck stiffeners, however a 4mm shim is used between the rear topdeck stiffener and the motormount in this case.