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Project 4X EVO 1/10 EP The Project 4X EVO touring car has a unique and proven design, in which the suspensions works in a very effective different way, with an extremely low center of gravity, very easy to work on and very durable. Easy to drive and lightning fast!

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Spain: Barros joins Team Serpent with 4X (2018/04/13)


[ Serpent News ]  Carlos Barros from Spain joins Team Serpent 4X

Top-driver from Spain Carlos Barros  was intruiged by the special and innovative design of the Project 4X  car and  agreed with Spain distributor BRP to join the team to race the Project 4X car in the regionals , nationals, maybe EC and ETS and help Serpent drivers with set-up.

Carlos will cooperate with David Ehrbar and the whole 4X team and give feedback on test and races.

We are proud to have Carlos on board and wish him well also at his 1st big race, the ETS in Madrid, Spain this weekend,

Team Serpent Spain

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