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New optionals for Spyder SRX2 and SRX4 buggies (11/10/2016)


For the Spyder SRX2 MM buggy Serpent introduces new Hard arms for the front. The special composite mix creates a very hard, almost flexfree  arm, still very durable.  Perfect for high grip tracks like clay, astro and carpet.

and for the rear of the SRX2/ SRX4  Serpent introduces a new version rear arm which allows shockmounting front and rear of the arm/shocktower, and this new arm comes in 4 versions:  
normal length  v2
normal length v2 hard
longer version for low grip tracks
longer version hard version for lower grip tracks

The longer arms need the longer rear driveshafts 500542.

When the arms are used in the front of the rear arms, you can also apply the shorter MH type wingmounts. The same wing angle plates as on the long one fit.

500537  Wishbone fr L+R SRX2 hard
500538  Wishbone rr L+R SRX2 MM V2
500539  Wishbone rr L+R SRX2 MM V2 hard
500540  Wishbone rr L+R long SRX2/SRX4 MM
500541  Wishbone rr L+R long SRX2/SRx4 MM hard
500542  Driveshaft rr long (2) SRX2/SRX4
500534  Wingmount set SRX2 MH