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Introduction of the Natrix 748-WC version (04/10/2016)


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Natrix 748-WC 1/10 200mm gp car

804010   Natrix 748-WC 1/10 GP 4wd

To celebrate the 2016-2017  IFMAR World Championship win by Dominic Greiner and the Vice-World Championship by Alessio Mazzeo, Serpent introduces the  WC version of the very popular  Natrix 748 series.

The Natrix 748-WC includes; Main new WC parts
- new big bore shocks and shocktowers
- new V2 geardiffs front and rear
- new larger pulleys and new sidebelt

Extra WC options added
803240   CVD-set Pro (2)  ( to use in the rear)
804273   Chassis weight 25gr 747
804296   Body support rear (2)
804360   Throttle lever alu
804363   Steeringblock lever carbon 748 (2)

2016-2017 World Champion - Dominic Greiner
2016-2017 Vice World Champion and Superpole winner - Alessio Mazzeo

promo website with full details:  http://promo.serpent.com/748wc/