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Serpent Cobra 1/8 Offroad line (06/03/2013)


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Cobra 811 Buggy 2.0 1/8 4wd buggy, Cobra Buggy 2.1 4wd 1/8, Cobra Buggy 2.2 GP 4wd 1/8

Serpent Cobra offroad line
The Serpent Cobra offroad cars forms  a very strong   line-up for all 1/8 scale offroad classes .
The  electric powered Cobra E-buggy with its  superb narrow and low lay-out  is now ready in the  2.0 version with the new wider rear end  geometry.

The Cobra gaspowered  Buggy in 2.0 version with new rear end geometry and Avenger body was introduced in october 2012, ready well before 2013 season. A very strong contender in the GP buggy class and already famous for durabilty, eas of racing  and outright speed.  

The  Cobra 1/8 Truggy in the TE edition  is one of the best, or even THE best Truggy out there !   Durable, easy, fast !  Almost unchanged for over 2 years , a very strong concept.  An electric powered truggy  is under development,  and will be released as upgrade set, and as full racekit after too.

Cobra E-Buggy 2.0

Serpent 1/8 scale buggy in electric powered version. Serpent Cobra Buggy E. The Cobra 811e is based on the same platform as the gaspowered buggy. State of the art design of the central section, with advanced integrated standing servo, receiver, speedo bracket, ingenious motor-bracket and lay-down Lipo-pack configuration with practical lid-system. Extremely narrow and low design, optimised for overall weight balance. New low body-design and lower rear wing / wingmount. Key new features - new rear end geometry with longer lower arms - more shocktravel - larger bearings in the transmission and wheelaxles Available mid march 2013.


Cobra GP-Buggy 2.0

Serpent Cobra 811 Buggy 2.0 1/8 4wd Cobra B 2.0 main new features - new wider rear end with new geometry for more rear traction and an easier handling car with wider sweetspot - rear shockabsorbers moved to the back of the shocktower - longer rear shocks; with longer housing and shockrods for more travel - rear wing with integrated holders for the ballraced rear anti-roll bar - longer rear lower arms, new higher carbon shocktower, longer rear shock, new upright - lexan mud-guards to mount on lower rear arms - nylon mud-scrapers mount on the rear uprights - improved differential gears - as already in the TE version : larger bearings in steeringblocks and uprights 8X16X5 (2) and 15x21x4 (2), transmission using larger bearings 8x19x6 and 13x19x4 and new couplers for extra durability - includes Serpent Avenger cab forward body and mask The kit includes car, clear body with mask, 4 racing wheels, rear wing, decal and full color manual. The full package to compete in high end racing, finish finals and win !


Cobra 1/8 Truggy TE

Serpent Cobra Truggy, version TE, gaspowered 1/8 scale 4wd high end competition version. Kit version. New version features new diff-couplers combined with larger bearings, and larger bearings in the steeringblocks and uprights, all to increase durability even more. 4wd gaspowered version, based on the sucessfull Cobra Buggy. The ultimate competition racing truggy, for high end competition use. Designed by Serpent designer/racer Billy Easton, USA.


Ready-to-Race soon !

Serpent is also developing the ready-to-race version of the Cobra E-Buggy with a great E-powerpack and the Ready-to-race Cobra GP-Buggy which will include a NovaRossi 3P pullstart engine !  The ready-to-race cars come with metal-gear servo's ( Dragon-RC made by Savox) and a nice pistol type 2.4 mHz transmitter with LCD screen and many options

More news to follow.

Team Serpent Cobra