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Argentina World Championships 2012 Buggy 1/8 (27/11/2012)


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Cobra 811 Buggy 2.0 1/8 4wd buggy, Cobra Buggy 2.1 4wd 1/8, Cobra Buggy 2.2 GP 4wd 1/8

From 1 till 9 december 2012, the IFMAR WC for Buggy 1/8 Gp will be organised.

For Serpent only a small delegation is able to attend. For most driver its just to costly to travel there.

Serpent Cobra developer and ace-driver Billy Easton will attend  with Joaquin DeSoto, the president of SerpentAmerica as his mechanic.  Billy reached the final at the warm-up  earlier this year. He mentioned that the warm-up was really tough, as the track is so different from any USA track. Last few months Billy worked mainly on the new 1/10 2wd buggy Serpent will release early 2013, but in between this work had some idea's how to make the Cobra buggy work even better on this WC track.

From Sweden young talent David Hassel will attend with his dad Anders as mechanic. David made great progress  this season an showed pretty fast laptimes in Padova race earlier this year.

From Argentina another young talent will run the Worlds  Guillermo Pelinski with his dad as mechanic too.

More Serpent drivers to be introduced later.  We wish all Serpent drivers good luck !

LiveRC.com, redrc.net  and neobuggy.net have all announced great coverage of this event !

Team Serpent

The track is ready: